About Us


  • Athraa General Trading is a registered L.L.C company (Limited Liability Company), was founded in 23 July 2012 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is owned and managed by Ms. Athraa Abdullah Alanazi .
  • Athraa General Trading LLC. A successful trading house with extensive experience acquired over the years is supplemented by reliable supply sources and trustworthy customer base to meet the challenge of the current business contests. We had extensive experience gained many years, initially opened as an exclusive sourcing supplement, all types of beauty products Etc., Athraa General Trading has now entered into a competition of activities in addition to the conventional import-export trade. Quality products at competitive prices, backed up by exceptional customer service. Our success maintains a strong presence in the global market and continue to expand our professional
  • capabilities and to our team. In addition, we continue to expand his Global Network of new supply channels through investment and joint ventures. We have strong support of our supplier and manufacturers from USA, China, Philippines and India and GCC Countries etc. as we have our own agent in different countries for assuring the best product we will get and as per the market trend to update so we can serve best.


The primary objective of our company is Pursuit of excellence in the services and supplies of local and branded cosmetics products. The organization is consistently endeavoring to achieve optimum results from its various business operations in GCC, African retail and Asia, Italy .
Our Mission statement translates into To give the best service to customer and serve the good product with their budgeted amount to build customer satisfaction .



All dealings, shipments, services rendered by Athraa General Trading are assured to be of the highest level of integrity and the quality of services is in line to our clients’ requirements and specifications, we are focusing on customer demand and market movement to give best to customer and as well our trained staff fully knowledge of product to give suggestion to customer what and which product good for them .


  • Total business awareness if it comes for supplies of various commodities and products are offered by us. The company ensures that it maintains a competitive edge in pricing on global levels. The shipping cost to customer is cut by consolidation of freight and effecting shipping from the nearest port of exit and as company we have working with different shipping company and compare the quote so it will effective to customer.
  • All quotations, requests and subsequent enquires are answered with utmost speed. One In- house associate is dedicated to the task of monitoring progress on all requests.
  • Our staff will respond with all email within 3 working day of email .
  • We have trained and friendly staff to deal with customer and they are efficient to deal and suggest to customer .
  • We always happy to serve !


  • Athraa General Trading is not only responsive but also a responsible vendor. We stand behind all goods and materials shipped by us and ensure that all orders are shipped in time to meet promised delivery schedules


  • Our delivery of cargo is factual and firm. We are extremely careful in ensuring that your orders are shipped within delivery time promised to you. However, countdown on such a delivery schedule starts after the payment arrangements have been made to the mutual satisfaction of both the parties.